Lux Z

Malito de Reve


  • Malito de Reve is one of the rare approved stallion sons from the legendary Cumano on one of the best French maternal lines which gave birth to the international stallions Pacino (ex Eldiam de Reve), Hermes de Reve and Cacao Courcelle. His production is regularly noticed at the international level and the young generation also proves all his qualities as a breeder.

Breeding Pedigree

Cumano, Holst
Cassini I, Holst Capitol I, Holst
Wisma Holst
Chanel II, Holst Landgraf I, Holst
Weisse Dame, Holst
Dira Courcelle, SFA Muguet de Manoir, SFA Artichaut, SFA
Camera, SFA
Valse de la Croix, SFA Grand Veneur, SFA
Java de la Croix, SFA