Transfer Once your recipient ovulates, your embryo is thawed and transferred (in the same way as a normal ET).


Freezing At the point that the embryo is correctly formed, it will be frozen. You can chose to have your […]


Incubation Once fertilised, the eggs are incubated for a further 7 days, during which they are regularly checked to ensure […]


Selection A couple of days later sperms cells are thawed, quality tested, and then the very best are injected into […]


Maturation The eggs arrive next day at the ICSI centre, and a solution is added to them, allowing them to […]


Storage After selection, the best eggs are sent to Italy (by temperature controlled transporter), where we keep our frozen semen.


Study Once the eggs are collected, they are examined to ensure that only the best quality (give you the best […]


OPU Procedure The OPU (ovum pick up) is performed at one of our partner centres in the Netherlands, Ireland or […]